Product Solution

M-Thermal Commercial


  • Flexible Installation
  • Enhance Comfort
  • All in-one solution for any application
  • A+ Rated Energy Efficiency

M-Thermal Commercial Catalog

M-Thermal of fers Mono and Split type products. Mono’s hydronic components are located within the outdoor unit for easy installation.
Split type has separate outdoor unit and hydronic box for more flexibility. Both Mono and Split type products achieve Erp A++ rate
energy efficiency grade. So they make significant contribution to the limiting the impact on the environment.

M-Thermal heat pump units are capable of extracting heat from the surrounding air and transferring this heat indoors for space heating and domestic hot water. For space cooling, M-Thermal can reverse the process and remove heat from the indoor air.

Stage 1

As the refrigerant passes through the expansion valve and expands, its temperature and pressure both drop. Refrigerant R410a does not freeze even though the temperature is very low.

Stage 2

With the temperature of the refrigerant being lower than the ambient temperature, heat passes from the air flowing over  the air side heat exchanger to the refrigerant and the refrigerant evaporates.

Stage 3

When the refrigerant vapor passes through the compressor its pressure increases and its temperature rises above that of the  water in M-Thermal’s hydronic system.

Stage 4

As the hot vapor refrigerant passes through the water side heat exchanger it heats the water in the hydronic system, which is then pumped indoors to the space heating terminals and domestic hot water tank. The refrigerant cools and condenses and is then ready to return to the expansion valve to start the cycle again.


M-Thermal is an integrated system that provides space heating and cooling as well as domestic hot water, offering a complete, all-year-round solution which can remove the need for traditional gas or oil boilers, or work together with them.