Q1: How often do I need to get my airconditioning unit cleaned?

(A1:) It is recommended that cleaning be done by a General Royal Authorized Service Center at least 3-4 times a year.

 Customers are encouraged to call the General Royal hotline in order to be guided properly.

Q2: Where i can find the model code and the serial number?

(A2:) For the indoor unit, the model and serial number can be found on a sticker label located on the right side of the front panel when facing the unit. For the outdoor unit, it is located on the upper right side of the panel, when facing the unit.

Q3: My aircon doesn't turn on after power enteruption.

A3: Make sure the air conditioner is switched on and the plug is pushed completely into the outlet. You may also check the fuse/circuit breaker box and replace the fuse or reset the breaker.  

Q4: Why?my aircon not cooling properly.

(A:4) When the outdoor temperature is too hot or when there are too many people inside the room, the air conditioner will appear not to be cooling properly due to the "higher than normal" heat load. In this case set the thermostat to the coldest setting and the fan setting to high speed.Dirty or clogged air filters is the most common cause of poor cooling performance. Check, inspect and wash air filters on a weekly basis whenever possible.In addition, it is recommended to have your air conditioner cleaned by our Authorized Service Center 3-4 times a year.

Q5: My airconditioner unit is Literally icing / freezing.

(A:5) We highly recommend you to reach our Accredited Service Centers nationwide (click here to find our dealer) to provide you a better assessment and conduct a complete diagnosis on your unit. You may also contact our Hotline at (+632) 417-2941 or (+632) 422-3155. 

Q6: How often  should i change my aircon filter?

Air filters generally last for 5-10 years as long as the air filter is properly handled during cleaning. However, when physically damaged, it should be changed. 

Q7: I just bought a General Royal airconditioner, who can do the installation?

(A:7) Any Authorized General Royal Dealer/Installer can do it for you, Find a Dealer.

Q8: My aircon is noisy whats the problem?


There are different reasons as to why your air conditioner is noisy.  You should first check the kind of noise emanating from your air conditioner.  Upon identifying the noise, please get in touch with our customer service to help you diagnose the problem. You may also contact our Hotline at (+632) 417-2941 or (+632) 422-3155. 

Q9: What is EER?


Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) is used to measure the efficiency of room air conditioner. The higher the rating, the higher the efficiency.. please contact our Hotline at (+632) 417-2941 or (+632) 422-3155   for more information about Energy Efficient Ratio. 

Q10: What is VRF?


VRF  (Variable Refrigerant Flow ) is a commercially applied heating and Cooling system That distributes refrigerant, rather than water, To multiple indoor units serving the conditioned spaces. Consist of outdoor units, indoor units, branch pipes,

Controller etc. One outdoor unit can drive multi indoor units, With different capacity and appearance.